Animation Wizard Course

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Animation Wizard Course

Animation is the process of creating the impression of movement and shape change by means of the swift display of a series of static images that minimally vary from each other. There are 2 types of animation – 2D animation & 3D animation.

In 2D animation we create movements using characters & backgrounds in a two-dimensional artistic space, whereas in 3D animation the creation of moving pictures is in a three-dimensional digital environment, which is done by sequencing successive images, or "frames", that simulate movement by each image showing the next in a balanced progression of steps, filmed by a virtual "camera" and then output to video by a rendering engine.

The animation industry in India has been growing at a breakneck speed every year, with many animation studios & production houses packed with jobs, be it outsourced from international studios or in-house projects for Indian market.

The demand for animation professionals is huge today as Animation films, TV commercials, Computer games & Elearning industry are all in the booming phase in India.

Our animation course covers all 3 stages of Animation project lifecycle such as Pre-production, Production & Post production in a comprehensive manner.

Module 1

  • Basic sketching.
  • Shapes, Perspective & Anatomy drawing.
  • Gestures & Pose study.
  • Colour theory.
  • Character design.
  • Image magic.
  • Project.

Module 2

  • Fundamentals of 2D animation.
  • Art of Storyboarding.
  • Animatics.
  • Digital matte painting.
  • Creating graphics, motion & animation.
  • Advanced animation techniques.
  • 2D FX compositing.
  • Audio-Video editing
  • 2D animation showreel.

Module 3

  • Introduction to 3D animation.
  • Modelling with Maya.
  • Texturing & Rigging.
  • 3D Animation.
  • Lighting & Rendering.
  • Effects in Maya.
  • Working with Zbrush.
  • Digital effects.
  • Integrating Computer graphics.
  • Portfolio development.
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • After effects
  • Sound Forge
  • Premiere pro
  • Maya
  • Zbrush
  • After effects
  • Animation companies
  • Advertisement companies
  • Epublishing
  • Game designing
  • ELearning
  • Illustrator
  • Storyboard artist
  • Content developer
  • Video editor
  • 2D FX compositor

Center Overview

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Excellent Environment

We know that a good environment is extremely important for the students to grasp and learn new subjects & have worked on that basis to provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure at our centre, thus making ‘Web D School’ the best looking institute in Chennai.

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Friendly staff

Students, who come from different regions & diverse background, must be made to feel at ease inside the centre in order to conduct the training successfully. Our staff members, including the trainers, admin & management, are extremely friendly & help the students in the best possible manner.

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Placement support

Apart from training, we help them in building resume, conduct personality development sessions & perform mock-up interviews. We strive very hard in getting the right placement for our students, in accordance with their desires.

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