Android has the monopoly in the mobile platform market & its soaring popularity has paved way to millions of new jobs across the globe. Mobile application industry is the fastest growing industry in the world today & India ranks as the third fastest growing market for Android application development.

We, at Web D School, hire professionals from the industry to teach ‘Android app development’ course to our students, which would be highly beneficial for them in terms of getting to learn the latest trends followed by the production companies today. We help our students with a final project in developing an android app, which would help them in showcasing their skills to the prospective employers.

Career Opportunities

Android applications Developer

Application Developer

Android Games Developer

Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile app Designer

Mobile Software Engineer

Mobile UI Designer

Android app UI designer

Android App Creator

Android app developer


2 Months

This Android training in Chennai, at Web D School, will make you a professional app developer & it shall open a lot of doors for you, in terms of career options, in the android app development field.

Srinath Guna[ UI / UX ]

I was searching to do web designing course in anna nagar, when I heard about Web D School through a friend. I visited them, liked their standards & joined immediately. Now Iam working in Contus & so happy that I chose the best institute to get the web designing training.

Saroj Mohan[ Graphic Designing ]

Such a great learning experience in learning Graphic Design programme in Web D school. Amiable environment and approachable staff encouraged me.

Sanjay V[ Web Designing ]

If you wish to learn wed designing, learn from the best. Web D school satisfies the above quote in all aspects. Thank you.

Introduction to Java

OOPS refreshing concept

Introduction to Android

What is Android?

History of Android

Android versions - History


Introduction to Android Apps Development TOOL

What is Activity?

Developing a Simple Android Log In screen UI design

Types of Layouts in Android

Introduction to Android Java class file & its structure.

Creating a simple Toast Message Application on click of a button

What is Android Virtual device (AVD)?

How to create Android Virtual Device (AVD)?

How to run our App on our own Android device?

Android Activity Lifecycle

Android Menus

Creating Alert dialog box in Android

Basic widgets in android, Creating a Simple user registration page UI

Getting data from widgets


Creating a new Activity

Passing Data between Activities


What is Android Manifest file?

What is build gradle file?

Date and Time picker

Playing Audio and Video in android

Listview, gridview, Spinner

Turn on WiFi, Bluetooth programmatically

Sending SMS and Mail programmatically

StartActivity for result, Types of Intents

Creating Notifications in Android

Animation in android

Sensors in android

Basic Components of Android



Broadcast Receiver


Content Provider

Effective usage of Android Templates

Shared Preferences

Internal and External storage

Android Fragments, Creating Navigation drawer and loading different fragments on clicking different menu item.

SQLite Database, CRUD operations with it

Creating a Login and Sign Up Application using SQLite Database

Finding the current location using Google maps

JSON, Asynctask, HTTP classes

How to import and Export codes, How to use Third party library projects and integrating it to our App

Working with GitHub codes

Procedures to launch your App on Play store.

Web Designing Jobs in Chennai

Web Designing Jobs in Chennai

Web Designing & Development

Web design & development course is a comprehensive training program best suited to those students who aspire to know the front end designing part as well as the back end coding part.

UI UX Designing

UI UX design courses have become very popular over the last few years, as every business seems to have understood the importance of having a neat website.with great look & feel.

PHP MySQL Development

PHP is used for creating real time internet applications with the use of databases like MySQL in order to work with several extensions that are available for developing various applications.