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5 Essential Skills Every Graphic Designer Should Have

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Five of the most essential skills that a Graphic Designer will need to have as he/she advances in their career is listed below. The following skills will not only make them an invaluable member of a team, but they will also make them grow very fast in the Graphic designing lane.


Style can be approved as a designer’s signature. With so much competition in the market place, its important that your designs look unique, & you have to develop your own style in the quickest time possible. It’s vital that every designer is comfortable and drawn to their own style, & their style has to leave an imprint on the minds of the target audience. Style need not follow any rules; rather it can be whatever the Graphic designer desires as long as it’s unique and brings structure to design.


One of the most underrated design skills today is typography, whereas in truth, typography is one of the important things a top advertising firm would review in a design portfolio before calling for an interview. Typography requires a solid understanding of font families, right use of line-height, kerning and tracking. The Graphic design industry is primarily about communication and so needs clean, readable, well designed type. Typography is readily classified as the official language of graphic design.

Creative Thinking

Creating a meaningful & attractive design out of few inputs from the client needs a creative mind & that is the foremost skill every graphic design artist should possess. A graphic designer should be clear about producing the design which conveys what it sets out to only with images & few tests. By allowing yourself to think outside the boundaries of normal thought, brilliant new ideas can arise. ‘Thinking out of the box’ is the favourite mantra of every Graphic designer.

Print Design and Layout

One of the most sought after skills employers look for Graphic designers is the knowledge of digital print production. Print design also needs an understanding of concepts like colour separations, grid layout, colour space and master pages. Every professional graphic designer should possess thorough knowledge of all the software relevant to it & the entire printing process. One need not know the operations of a printing press, but only the printing process.


The ability to communicate well is directly proportional to a Graphic designer’s career growth, as they would be able to articulate their ideas and concepts to employers and clients with ease. Many design fundamentals require good communication, from extracting precise requirements, discussing changes, giving options, explaining how to use a tool or why something just simply won’t work. Although not a mandatory skill like the previous ones, good communication certainly elevates a designer’s career through the fast track mode.

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